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I'm from a small town in North Carolina, but have lived and traveled all over the world. A few of my favorite places include New York City, Paris and the South of Spain. Casey and I got engaged on a rooftop in Santorini, so the Greek islands also hold a special place in my heart. 

I'm a minimalist wannabe with a closet full of shoes, handbags, and scarves. I love eating healthy & organic, but am a sucker for anything sweet (especially macarons & wedding cake). I am obsessed with Joanna Gains, and we actually just got married at our own historic farmhouse fixer-upper.

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He was born in Tennessee, but raised in North Carolina, and considers Carolina home. A few of his favorite places include The Outer Banks, Asheville and anywhere there is a beach or large body of water. 

He loves eating healthy and going to the gym every day after his 9-5 job as an engineering supervisor for a local telecom company. When the weather is warm, you will most likely find him outside working in the garden or finishing up some DIY project Alayna thought would be cool. He enjoys fishing, hiking and kayaking when he gets the chance, but also loves a relaxing evening on the porch with a good book and a bourbon in his hand. 

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We want to help make the wedding planning process easy and stress-free for you, so that you can focus more so on your marriage and relationship.

We feel strongly that photos don't belong on your phone. They belong on your walls and in heirloom luxury albums that can be passed down for generations. 

We believe in cultivating relationships with our clients, far beyond the wedding day. We want to serve you and your family in every way we can, for years to come. 

We believe in capturing your unique personalities and love story because it is always better than something we could fabricate. We believe in the colors and textures of film, but we are also suckers for black and white images. We believe that there is beauty in the details and imperfections, and that both should be celebrated.

We believe that cuddling is what couches were made for. We believe in Taco Tuesdays and cooking together every night. We believe that working hard is always worth it. We believe in rocking chairs on front porches and holding hands. We believe in elegance, and grace and family traditions.

We believe timeless always trumps trendy. 

we believe the marriage is greater
 than the wedding day

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