Charleston, SC Film Engagement Session – Emily & Phil

Charleston Engagement Photographer

A beautiful white farmhouse, massive live oak trees filled with romantic Spanish moss, and fluffy grasses lining the edge of the marsh set the perfect scene for Emily and Phil’s Charleston engagement session. Seriously y’all, this must be what heaven is like. Casey and I joked about how when we win the lottery, we will buy this farmhouse… but for real y’all, we totally would because this location was SUCH a dream. 

The sunset over the marsh and the tall grasses blowing in the wind was like something out of an old Southern romance novel. The oversized wooden Adirondack chairs that lined the water’s edge were SO welcoming that after we finished up the session, all four of us kicked back and enjoyed the last little bit of the sunset.

This heavenly place is actually a “clubhouse” for a housing development on Kiawah Island that is still under construction. Emily knew about this little gem because she used to work for the development’s PR/marketing department. So since the development isn’t completed, this farmhouse/clubhouse isn’t even in use yet and we had the whole property to ourselves, which was absolutely perfect for their sweet engagement session. 

Emily and Phil are just the nicest couple and their proposal story seriously almost brought tears to my eyes! Here is their proposal story in Emily’s words: “On Friday night, he took me to dinner at our favorite restaurant. It’s not a very fancy place, so I barely even had makeup on. I just thought it was a casual way to kickoff a fun weekend before my birthday on Monday. After dinner, we came home and Phil went out into the backyard for a minute. I figured he was putting something in the recycling bin and didn’t think anything of it. When he came back in, he asked if I wanted my birthday present. Of course I did! He walked me outside and bent down to plug something in. He had installed all of these gorgeous twinkly lights all over the backyard! I have wanted lights like that forever, so I thought it was the best birthday present ever. I was hugging him and thanking him when I realized his heart was beating really quickly. He looked at me, asked if I wanted my real birthday present, took a deep breath, and then launched into the most perfect speech. I wish I could remember every word, but I think I blacked out from excitement! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t stop kissing him when he stood up! He finally put the ring on my finger and WOW was it perfect. After we sat outside smiling and taking it all in for an hour or so, he told me we needed to go inside to pack because we had an 8:30 am flight to New York to celebrate. AHH! We flew up to the city, had the best brunch, and spent the rest of the day drinking champagne in bathrobes in an amazing suite overlooking Central Park. To top it all off, he got us tickets to see Hamilton that evening! I am a HUGE Broadway fanatic, so this was absolutely perfect for me. “

YALL. I CANNOT handle the sweetness! Guys, you ALL need to take notes from Phil! I don’t usually share full stories like that, but this one was just too perfect not to! We had so much fun hanging out with these two in Charleston, and we cannot wait for their wedding next Spring at the Proximity hotel! Enjoy! 

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