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Some of you that follow me on Instagram probably know I’ve been trying to start learning to shoot film for a few months now. I did a one-on-one mentor session with the fabulous Emily March Payne this past Spring and have done a few free online webinars and courses. I’m also planning to do another mentor session next month with two fabulous NC film photographers. I’ve been attempting to slowly take a few film shots at each session or wedding I’ve done recently so that I can practice and learn from my mistakes. I feel like I can speak for a lot of my digital photographer friends when I say film is pretty scary and intimidating when you’re first learning. But really, if you know your digital camera really well, and understand the way it works, you should be able to pick up film with some practice and trial and error.

Ever since I started doing photography full time I realized all the photographers I looked up to and religiously followed on social media happened to be film photographers. I’m drawn to the light and airy… obviously, but there’s something about film that’s just so raw and natural and creamy-dreamy to me! The way film treats colors and light, as well as the way it picks up all the details in the sky or a fabric or texture is just fabulous. So although I’m not quite to the point of offering film only sessions or even promising a portion of film to my wedding clients, I am trying to get to that point.

For now, I’ve been using my new-to-me film camera as much as I can in my personal life. I even forced myself to only carry around my film camera on our recent 2 week trip to Ireland and Greece. I definitely stole the digital camera from Casey quite a few times because I NEEDED a shot and was worried the film one I just took might not turn out, but I did pretty well with sticking to film.

I finally got the scans back from Photovision this week and I seriously jumped for joy because EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. turned out beautifully! I still have a long long way to go, but I’m proud of where I’m at! So here are my favorite film shots from Dublin, Howth, Athens, and Sifnos!! I’m still waiting to get the few from Santorini back.  😀 Let me know what you guys think!




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Sifnos, Greece Sifnos, Greece  NC Film Photographer




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