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Y’all I am SO so excited to announce that I will now be offering BOUDOIR portrait sessions!! This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, and I’ve been working my little booty off behind the scenes to get everything together and it’s finally time to start booking!! I know you probably have some questions, so I decided to go ahead and answer a few of them for you. 🙂



What the heck is a Boudoir session?

Boudoir is a French word for a woman’s private dressing room or bedroom, so for Boudoir photography I capture your sexy and intimate side in a TASTEFULCLASSY and ROMANTIC way. Boudoir is my way to help empower women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, right NOW. Not 10 pounds from now, not next year, not after you work off the baby weight… RIGHT THIS SECOND. We can always do another session next year “once you’ve lost the weight”, but I want you to enjoy the you that you are today.  Your body is beautiful and you should flaunt what you’ve got and capture this gorgeous season of your life.


What should I expect if I book a session with you?

Basically, I want you to feel like a supermodel. I’ll capture your confidence as we rock out to Beyoncé, right after my fabulous professional hair and makeup artist works her magic as you sip on some champagne. My sessions are an hour or an hour and a half long with 45 minutes for hair and makeup beforehand and 45 min for viewing your photos after and choosing what products and prints you would like to order (total of either 2.5 or 3 hours). I’ll help you to see yourself in a way you probably never thought you would, and my goal is that you will walk out of my studio with a whole new sense of self confidence and self worth. I’ll coach you through the best poses for your body type and I’ll make sure the light is perfect, and your makeup and hair are on point, so that I can capture the sexiest version of you. I have a few different “sets” we can shoot on, including a bed, an antique chair, a window with lace curtains, and an antique vanity.


Why would I ever do this?

I originally wanted to start offering these sessions for my brides, so that they could give their grooms a sexy little leather album as a gift on their wedding day. This doesn’t just have to be for brides though, any girls can give their special someone a sexy little gift that will leave their jaw on the floor for days, be it their husband’s birthday or valentine’s day, or just because. But mainly, I want you ladies to do this simply because YOU want to. Maybe because you’ve been struggling with your appearance and want to feel sexy, OR because you just lost a lot of weight and have newfound confidence, OR you just hit a milestone of turning 30, 40 or 50, OR just because you damn well please and you know it’ll be a fun time. These photos will last forever, so when you’re 90 years old and want to reminisce about your younger years this will be the perfect little album to look back on. Think about that picture of Rose from the Titanic! Mmhmm, you’ll have that sexy picture to show off, just the same… well minus the whole Leonardo DiCaprio part… which is unfortunate. 😉


Will you photoshop my belly or my booty, etc.?

Nope. I’ll do some minor editing for colors and crop once you choose your favorites, but honestly I will do the hard work of getting the right poses, angles and light while I shoot, so that it’s the best version of you. UNEDITED. And guess what, you’ll still be amazed that you look SO good.


Do I have to bring my own outfits?

Yes! I will have a few accessories that you can also use if you wish, but you will need to bring a few outfit options so that I can help you choose which will be best for photos. During our initial phone conversation I will talk you through some great style options and online stores that I recommend buying from.


Why don’t you just send us an online downloadable gallery like you do for other portrait sessions?

For these sessions I’ve decided to do an in-person viewing of your photos directly afterwards. Since I’m not planning to do a ton of editing, I will go through the photos while you change and pick out the best of the best. I’ll then let you view them on my big screen and tell me which ones are your favorites. I’ll also show you all the products you can purchase, so that you will have tangible items and actually do something with these photos. Let’s be real for a second…. half the time you get digital files from a photo session, you probably take months to print anything and have trouble deciding what you want, IF you ever even print them. Well these photos deserve to be in a beautiful high quality album that you can have forever. These probably aren’t the photos you’ll want to be sharing all over social media anyway, so why would you need digital files? IF you are dead set on having digital files, it is also an option to purchase them during your viewing.


Will you share my photos on social media?

Only if you give me permission. I understand these photos are very personal and most people want them to be kept private. Taking that into consideration, I will usually only choose to share photos that don’t show your face for my marketing purposes, unless you tell me otherwise.


What will the photos look like?

Well I’m glad you asked…



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