Maternity Boudoir Portrait Session – Lexington, NC – Janet R

The Holt House NC, Maternity Boudoir Photographer

Maternity sessions are easily one of my very favorite types of portraits to photograph. Maternity Boudoir portraits really do just take it to a whole new level of beauty and power, and I am absolutely here for it! Being able to show these expecting mamas just how gorgeous and strong their bodies are during what can be a tough (and sometimes even brutal) time is pretty amazing!

Pregnancy can be super difficult physically, while also being hard on your emotions, and yet, to me it is so awe inspiring that women’s bodies are actually made to take on what seems like such an impossible task. It is the beauty of the struggle and the strength that I love to capture. It’s the stretch marks and the accentuated curves, the changes in their skin or hair, the strength of their back and hips, it’s all of these traits and more that make pregnant women remarkable to me.

To create and nurture another life while also maintaining a healthy life of your own is an incredible feat, and definitely not meant for the weak. The inner strength of these mothers always shines to me as well, because no matter how much pain or fear they carry, they push through and come out stronger for it.

These are the intimate and empowering things I want to show off in my maternity boudoir photographs. I hope my sweet clients can see themselves the way I see them when we’re done and that they will have stunning photos of a beautiful time in their life.

These portraits were taken at The Holt House in Lexington, NC. Hair and Makeup was done on-site by the always fabulous, Katie Manon of Lush Salon in Midway, NC.

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